Classic Money Lei

Classic Money Lei with black and orange colored paper

Specialized Lei

This Lei is made of 10 Money flowers. Each flower consists of 3 bills.

Money Cake

This cake is not edible! It is made up of 150 $1 bills. Great gift for any occasion.

Ribbon Lei with Money Flower

This teal and yellow ribbon lei has 2 $15 money flowers attached.

Ribbon Lei

Black and Orange Ribbon Lei

Money and Rose Bouquet

Put a little more love and some extra spending money in the next bouquet of flowers you buy for your loved one.

Elegant Candy Lei

This candy lei has silk flowers attached to give it more class.

Ribbon Lei

New for 2017! The Ribbon Lei can be customized with any ribbon colors. Here a money flower has been added to give the lei monetary value.

Classic Lei w/ Alt Silk Flowers

This Classic Money Lei contains 50 bills with alternating gold and orange silk flowers.

Money Flower

This flower consist of 3 bills totaling $3 cash gifted. Great in a Specialized Lei or attached to a Candy or Ribbon Lei.

Classic Money Lei w/ pink flowers

This Classic Money Lei consist of 54 bills. After every 5 bills a higher denomination bill is hidden between pink silk flowers.

Specialized Lei Close Up

A close up of a Specialized Lei with Bow Tie Fold.

Money and Candy Lei

Get the best of both worlds with the Money and Candy Lei combo! Lei consist of 25 bills and 5 different assortments of candy.

Specialized Lei w/ Token Fold

This 25 bill Specialized Lei sits flat on your guest of honor. And because it requires less bills it is a popular choice for those who want to gift less but still wow.

Classic Money Lei

This Classic Money Lei consist of 50 bills. After every 5 bills a white silk flower is placed to give a slight pop of color.

A beautiful bride

Heading to a wedding? Need a gift? A money lei is a great gift for the bride and groom. Give wrapped as a gift or during the money dance.

Specialized Lei w/ Flower Fold

This Specialized Lei consist of 8 Money Flowers totaling $120 and White Silk Flowers to bring extra elegance.

Money Bow Tie

Like the rose, flower, or butterfly, this bow tie is a great addition to a Candy, Ribbon, or Floral Lei. It can also be made into a Specialized Lei.

Classic Lei w/ colored paper

This 50 bill lei totals $100 in gifted cash and has black and maroon paper to give it a pop of color.

Specialized Lei Close Up

Adding items like beads, jewels, colored paper, ribbon, or silk flowers gives the lei more charm and personality.

Classic Money Lei

Birthday, Baby Shower, House Warming, Retirement, Bacholer(ette) Party. These leis are perfect for any celebration.

Money Rose

This Money Rose consist of 3 bills totaling $7 cash gifted. Roses can be added to real flower bouquets, Candy, Ribbon or Floral Leis. It can also be made into a Specialized Lei.

Baby Shower Classic Lei

Money Leis are great for any celebration. Add little charms like these for that baby shower coming up.

Classic Money Lei

This Classic Money Lei is all cash. Great for the guys and recommended if wanting more than 50 bills.

Money Butterfly

This butterfly consist of 2 bills and is attached to a Double Orchid Lei.

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