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Welcome to the 2020/2021 Car-mencement event.


Use this time to browse the digital lei catalog below, provided by St. Mary's Approved Lei Vendor, Congratulei!

Once you have checked in, be prepared to give your lei order to the Congratulei Associate in the green shirt. 

Thank you for shopping with our St. Mary's Approved Lei Vendor!

*we accept payment via Venmo, Cash, and Credit Card (Credit Card Payment Includes Processing Fee).

Congratulei model 5-89.jpg
congratulei-model 1-61.jpg

Single Strand
Orchid Lei

Double Strand
Orchid Lei

Ti Leaf Lei

Purple Orchid: $25.00


White Orchid: $30.00

Purple Orchid: $60.00

White Orchid: $65.00

congratulei-model 1-43.jpg
congratulei-model 1-16.jpg

Kukui Nut Lei

Candy Lei

Ribbon Lei




Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 8.22.50 PM.png

Butterfly Add On

Add on 2 $10 Butterflies - $25.00
Add on 5 $10 Butterflies - $60.00

Add on 2 $20 Butterflies - $45.00

Add on 5 $20 Butterflies - $110.00

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